Crossroads’ Turning Points

Crossroads’ Turning Points

Rob Archuleta, Chief Innovation Officer

Providing services since 1979, Crossroads’ Turning Points, Inc. (CTP) is southern Colorado’s largest evidence-based alcohol and substance use disorder treatment organization with services in 22 counties. CTP specializes in opioid addiction treatment with a full continuum of care, including detox, residential and outpatient services as well as Medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Rob Archuleta is the Chief Innovation Officer at CTP, and also a big fan of the Tough as a Mother Campaign. He and his team are dedicated to putting the campaign to use in powerful, impactful ways.

“Across our services, we work with moms in various situations and different milestones in recovery, and the Tough as a Mother Campaign really spoke to me when I first saw it,”  Rob said.  “I realized this was a way to really empower these moms and let them know that we aren’t going to report them to DHS and that their privacy will be protected. The campaign talks to them directly and lets them know that there are others in their same situations and that it takes strength to ask for help. I was so happy to see that the campaign really made a point of saying that substance use disorder is not a moral shortcoming, but that it is a disease. It’s eye-catching and a really cool way to talk about this subject.”

Rob said that originally he wanted to order Tough as a Mother t-shirts for patients,ut he realized that not every mom would want to be labeled as being in recovery. “So instead, we created our own shirts and have given them to our provider partners and referral partners at WIC, clinics, the health department and doctor’s offices,” Rob said. “We’ve used them as invitations to join us for meetings and to learn more about how we can work together to promote this campaign and reach more moms. And, we used the Tough as a Mother billboards in our community to raise awareness for moms about the website and crisis number.”

When it comes to helping moms in recovery, Rob says, “We leave our logo at the door. It’s not about Crossroads: it’s about getting each mom in the proper model of treatment. So, we’ll help send them to wherever it makes the most sense, and the Tough as a Mother Campaign helps bring all these resources together.“

For more information about Crossroads’ Turning Points offerings including theirInpatient programs, Short Term Intensive Residential Remediation Treatment (STIRRT) program for offenders and their Special Connections Program for women who are pregnant or within one-year post-partum, visit their website.

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