Support Moms by Sharing Your Resources

Storytelling is an important part of creating awareness and a network of support. When we level with moms, show our humanity and talk to them about our resources, we are far more likely to create impact, reduce stigma and encourage behavior change.

Through our partnership with Storyvine and their powerful app, you and your team can easily share your resources by capturing video from your smart phone. Follow these simple steps below to share your impact with the community and encourage mothers to take part in your services.

  1. Sign up on the Storyvine website with your name and email address, which you’ll need for Step 2.

  2. Download the Storyvine app on a smartphone and sign in to film yourself. You can film selfie-style:rest the phone somewhere or have a friend or family member film you. Find a time where you will feel calm and uninterrupted.

  3. Once you are ready to begin filming, you will be asked to film an intro simply stating your organization’s name and location. Then the following 3 questions will be asked and you will film your answers one at a time. You can rewatch these segments as many times as you like and rerecord until you are happy with your recording. Once you like the segment, you will upload the video and move on to the next prompt.

    • QUESTION 1: Tell us about a service, resource, or topic you believe is valuable for pregnant & parenting people (P&PP) and their families.
    • QUESTION 2: Share a real-life example of how this resource/organization/ topic has, or could, make a difference in the lives of P&PP. (Avoid sharing identifiable patient information, if applicable).
    • QUESTION 3: Complete this sentence: “After watching this video about [resource/organization/ topic], I hope you ____.”
    • Finally, you will record one last segment with the following prompt: “This message is brought to you in partnership with Tough as a Mother.”

Once you have completed filming, you will upload your video to the cloud where it will autmatically edit in 5-10 minutes. You will receive an email when your video is complete. If you have any concerns or are having trouble with with any of the technology, please reach out to

Important note: Thank you for sharing your resource. At Tough as a Mother, we are beyond grateful to have your support in helping mothers who are struggling with substance use disorder envision a better tomorrow. With that said, we hold your story with the utmost care and importance – for you and you alone are the owner of your story. If at any time you wish to remove your resource, please email us at