Issue 12 - March 2024

Moms and their kids deserve a community of recovery.

As a provider, you know the tension that exists between a mom’s love for her kids and the depths of addiction. You understand the link between childhood trauma and substance use disorders. And you know the stigma that stops moms from seeking treatment.

In this issue, we highlight two organizations that value keeping moms in recovery and their kids together under one roof. One offers intensive rehabilitation in an urban area. The other provides sober living in a rural community. Both believe in the power of keeping moms and kids together. And both go above and beyond to connect moms to organizations, resources, and people who can support a sober lifestyle.

We also share Vanessa’s story. She vulnerably shares about a childhood rife with trauma and how it informed decades of abuse, drug use, incarceration and suicide attempts. She also shares the key to her transformation into someone who gives back to the community: learning to love herself with her mom’s love as a guiding light.