The Mother Lode Newsletter

Issue 9 - March 2023

With Intentional Referrals And Partnerships, We Can Expand Our Reach  To Moms In Order To Help Them Be Successful In Their Recovery And Thrive In Their Next Chapter.

At Tough as a Mother, we have been working to connect with moms dealing with substance misuse,  and one important thing we have clearly learned is that simply helping them find treatment is not enough. There are so many other facets of their life that can prohibit moms from seeking treatment or staying with it. From struggling to find transportation and childcare to dealing with a lack of housing or nutritious food, moms are juggling all kinds of roadblocks that can derail their path to health, wellness and recovery.

Please take a moment to read the articles in this newsletter to see how you can help connect moms to care without barriers and how to access a new overarching referral service for all the resources moms really need. Plus, we’ll introduce you to a workforce development program helping those who work with kids look at their jobs through a DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) lens, and recognize cultural and economic differences and kids who may be dealing with trauma.

Thank you for all you do to help these tough, strong, determined moms who are working so hard to help themselves and their families live a healthier, happier life.