Issue 7 - September 2022

This month we are celebrating moms in recovery, continuing to share their stories, and connecting providers to more information, resources and knowledge about how to best help moms and moms-to-be who are dealing with substance use disorder. In this newsletter, we’d like to remind providers that some moms struggling with substance use disorder are teens – with their own unique challenges and fears about their lives and what their future will look like.  We also talk about how recovery can happen at the very earliest stages of intervention, when women are newly pregnant and trying to navigate a myriad of obstacles. And, we want to celebrate amazing moms in recovery who have now devoted their careers to helping other moms by becoming peer coaches. Plus, we’ll introduce you to an inspiring group of women offering doula, wellness and self-care services for women of color.

As we work to decrease stigma around maternal substance use disorder and connect pregnant and parenting moms to treatment providers and recovery, we are always encouraging moms to be loud – and proud- about their life journeys. Their willingness to share their stories not only breaks down stereotypes and false information, it gives moms who are in the midst of navigating recovery a lifeline of hope.

You can be a part of this journey to make sure these moms have their voices heard. Let’s amplify information about how moms can find the support and resources they need. Download our Recovering Out Loud 2022 Social Media Toolkit here.

Please help us celebrate National Recovery Month by sharing these social media posts with stories of moms who are Recovering Out Loud. They remind us that people can, and do, recover every day.

Together we can break the silence of addiction.