The Mother Lode Newsletter

Issue 5 - March 2022

At Tough as a Mother, we know integrated care for moms dealing with substance use disorder  can look very different than what people might expect. But understanding what is needed, and how to bring those opportunities together for moms, is crucial to their success in recovery, in parenting and in life. Far beyond helping them with medical care and treatment options, moms need to be connected to all kinds of resources that will help them improve their living situations, afford care for their families, have money for necessities to raise healthy families and have professional and peer support that continues throughout their lives.

Moms need providers to ask more questions and find out what pieces of the puzzle are missing for them. They need providers to help them navigate resources and integrate care and communication between all aspects of their lives including family and support systems. In this issue, we’ll introduce you to organizations dedicated to integrating care and closing the gaps that moms often fall through.We’ll also introduce you to moms who have had both good and not-so-good experiences trying to piece it all together. We can all learn from their stories and through knowing what help is available,  we can connect moms to the information and care they need and deserve.